Saturday, July 14, 2018

The Summer Goes On...

Just like the old Sonny & Cher song, "The Beat Goes On".  Me and my two kids are hanging out.  Mrs Dellroy is in the middle of a week-long visit  with friends in Texas, so things are pretty quiet today.  
On the SPOCS front, DR7 is going to get an upgrade.   I think the system will get a major upgrade, as well.  I think there will be more Ethernet-based nodes in SPOCS' future, so, I think we will need more slots.  The DuTec boards, which are the first two nodes, have held up very well for the for the 20+ years SPOCS has been running.  I have spare boards, just in case.  Several months ago, I bought a pair of WeMos Arduino clones.  They are clones of the Arduino Uno.  You can use the same IDE to program them.  The big difference is, these are based on the Espressif 8266 Wi-Fi chip, so you get a wireless node.  I have one in a network camera I am building.  It has remote pan and tilt, courtesy of the  8266 Arduino clone.   The WeMos boards cost only $9 each.
So, anyway, SPOCS 2.6 looks to be a major revision.  I shall keep you up to date.

More later.

Oh, yes...thank you, dear departed sibling, and her friend, for absolutely no opportunity for closure.  Somebody needs to tell you that funerals, memorials, etc. are for the living, not the dead!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Long (sometimes) Hot Summer

Here in the USA, we are in the middle of a hot spell of weather.  Temperatures have been reaching 90 degrees F (32.2 deg. C) for several days, and are expected to be that way for a few more days.
Things have been busy the last several weeks.  I turn around, and, it's July!  Sheesh, summer is half over!  Ah, well.  I had to replace the UPS for my main computer.  The poor thing died completely.  A close relative recently passed away.  I suppose the entire truth about that will never be known.  My relative, and her friend were both known to being strangers to the truth.  The predominant story is, my relative got an infection in her leg.  She was given the choice:  have the leg amputated, and probably live, or just die.  She did not wish to have the leg removed.  It took nearly three months for the infection to finally kill her.  I do not understand.  I might be without a leg, but at least I'd still be alive.  I will probably never know what she was thinking.  Oh, well.  Farewell. 
I think the power outage we had a few weeks ago may have killed my UPS.  It also disrupted my SPOCS work.  SPARCL12 came back up as usual, when the power came back on, but I had to set things back up on L14, where I am doing the development work.  I will get it eventually. I need to revamp some of the DR7 module to access devices on other IP addresses.

More Later.
Godspeed to those who have gone.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Was He ALWAYS a Bad Guy?

It's very sad to see Bill Cosby convicted of a sex crime.  It's even more sad to see the University of Cincinnati jumping on the "me too" bandwagon, and dishonorably taking back an honorary degree they gave Cosby some time ago.

The message that the U. of Cincinnati sends is that Cosby never was a good guy.  This is simply not true.   The university claims that they are making a statement against sex crimes.  I say "baloney!"  Like so many others who "took back" honors they bestowed on Cosby, they are telling themselves they are distancing themselves from Cosby & his bad publicity.

I say all those who took back honors from Cosby were badgered by the Mob.  No, not organized crime.  The Mob that the internet has created under the guise of "social media".  The internet has empowered the Mob to the point where anyone who stands against them gets bullied, or worse.  Just ask Whoopi Goldberg, who started out supporting Cosby.  She was badgered, bullied, and threatened, until she changed her tune.  Just like a crowd of bullies in school, the Mob will intimidate those who stand against them.  This is why I stand here, in my own virtual backyard, instead of on some "social media" platform.  I denounce the mob, their methods, and their mindless idiocy.   So many people need to be relocated to an agrarian country, where they must spend their time growing and collecting the essentials of life, instead of sitting around, making life worse for other people.

I have been really busy these days...SPARCL15 is still running like a fine watch, and I still need to finish revamping the DR7 driver.   Hopefully, soon.

More Later.

Friday, April 27, 2018

A Lousy Week to Get Anything Done

Actually the last two weeks have been bad.  A sibling has chosen to die of infection, rather than have a diseased leg removed.  That in itself is disturbing.  No matter what any of us had to say, she is determined to die.
Even more disturbing was another sibling who decided to turn this tragic event into his own private circus!  Such incredible, selfish, unthinking, utter and complete idiocy!  What an utter moron!  Thank goodness my youngest brother (who has his head very square on his shoulders) was able to dismantle the circus, and send the clowns packing.

It was, indeed, a bad week to get things done.  SPARCL15 is still nice and stable.  I discovered an issue in the DR7 driver (Modbus TCP).  I shall fix it before I release the next version of SPOCS.

That is all for now.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Dear Democrats: QUIT CRYING!

For cryin' out loud, now the liberals are blaming Russia AND WikiLeaks for Trump winning the last election.  It's been over a year since the election, there is no evidence of the so-called "collusion" between Russia and the Trump campaign, and most of us have moved on with our lives.  The democratic party needs to move on, also.  It is long past time for this idiocy to stop.

Democrats, go on home, and ponder over how you are going to get beat in the so-called mid term elections.

In the meantime, SPARCL15 has stabilized.  It was suffering all kinds of odd, glitchy problems, including the dreaded "cannot find operating system" error.  It seems that something got corrupted in L15s' BIOS settings.  After I reset them, the problems have cleared up.  Now L15 is running 24/7, until I am convinced it is ready to take over the role of main SPOCS machine from SPARCL12.
L12 will probably get a new hard drive, and be the second dev/cold backup machine.  Unless it gets a mainboard upgrade in the process.

That's all for now.