Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wha.....? It's almost Summer!

Sometimes, life just goes too fast.  This spring, I started my own business.  It is automation engineering, something I have many years experience doing.  The company I worked for decided to downsize me and several other people last winter, so here we are.
I knew that the actual work was going to be the least of my concerns.  That's the way it is when you not only do the work, but have to manage the money, obtain and keep customers, pay for insurance, and so on.  So far, I have gotten some work, and have made a bit of money doing it.  I am far from breaking even, though, because I invested in a new computer, and some expensive software that is needed for my work.
Nonetheless, there are opportunities, and I am working to make the most of them.

Then, there are the people who go on a rampage, having little information, and less sense, and try to make a situation go in a direction they think is best.  Case in point is a certain sibling, who failed to get the entire picture, before latching onto a lawyer - no doubt, pro-bono - to make his point in court.  My youngest sibling, who has been doing almost everything for my aged father since my mother died, was applying for guardianship for my father, so he could help Dad better, and protect him.  For some reason, the other sibling decided he would make a better guardian - I shall not bore you with the many, many reasons why he would be a horrible guardian - and also applied for guardianship.  So...we all go to court, to settle it out.  In the end, knucklehead sibling sees just how bad his position really is, and withdraws his application, after a bit of grandstanding.  This bit of stupidity was so incredibly, unbelievably, needless.  Thank goodness it is over, and we can get back to normal life - whatever that may be.

The result of all this is I have been away from SPOCS for a while.  Fortunately, the penguins in the Farm don't seem to get lonely...they just keep ticking away, day in and day out.  Except for about two weeks ago, when a big wind storm took out electricity to half our county, and all of the next one for about seven hours.  Many thanks to the electric folks who got things going again!

Hopefully, I will get back to SPOCS soon.

Good Night, Ma and Pa Wolfe, wherever you are.

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