Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Just Say No to Samsung Appliances!

Among all of the other things going on these days, our Samsung refrigerators' ice maker died.  The refrigerator still works, but it keeps flashing this error code on its front panel.  So...I pay my friendly, well-known, appliance repair guy to check it out.
Now, my repair guy is a fair guy.  He only charged the basic fee for a house call.  He spent a while on the telephone with Samsung service.  At the end, he told me that a component of the ice maker has failed.  This component is built into the ice maker housing...in other words, it is not repairable!
So, I take his advice, and call Samsung.  Not only do they not believe my service guy, who got his information from Samsung...they want me to pay a "recognized" service outfit to come to my house from fifty miles away, and charge me $250.  So - I would be shelling out over $300, and hope Samsung does the right thing.  Now, to be honest, the refrigerator is out of warranty.  But, as I pointed out to Samsung service, an ice maker should last more than three years, shouldn't it? (they never did reply to that one).  Samsung service is sticking to their point of view on this one, and so am I.   I told them that if they did not make it right, I would never buy another Samsung appliance.  No reply to that one, either.  So - phooey to you, Samsung.
The lady at the store where I bought the refrigerator had an interesting viewpoint.  She said that whatever brand it was, she would buy the extended warranty, just in case.

The bladder inside our water tank also died.  It had had a reasonable life, all things considered.  The guys from Smith's Plumbing and Piping came out, and replaced the tank in about an hour, no fuss, no muss!  The price was below what they estimated, too!  You gotta love companies like that.

Haven't heard any more about festival, yet.  I am considering making the new SPARCL15 the new main machine, since it has the new Festival software on it, plus the latest version of Fedora.
More when I know more.

Good Night, Ma and Pa Wolfe, wherever you are.

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