Sunday, January 1, 2017

Good Bye 2016!

...and good riddance!
2016 was mostly a lousy year.  There were a few high points, but the year largely fell well below expectations.  What with screwball relatives fanning the flames of drama to incredible heights, and other personal craziness, it was definitely a year worth forgetting.  Except maybe for the Indians getting to the World Series.  That was pretty great.
2016 got in a couple of last-minute kicks-in-the-groin with my father going into the hospital for gout.  He is much better, and in a nursing facility in Columbus (Ohio), for rehabilitation.  My father-in-law is not doing very well; he was not expected to make it into the new year, but he is still with us.  It is uncertain for how long he will continue to live.
So I am looking forward to a better 2017.  Business looks better, some things are getting straightened out, things here in SPOCS land are hopeful.

Speaking of SPOCS, I got the new speech module working for the hardware EMICS text to speech module.  It is working pretty well, now.  If I get a chance to work on SPOCS more, we may have a release soon.

Good Night, Ma Wolfe, wherever you are.

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