Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy Fall, Autumn, Autumnal Equinox, or Whatever!

If your planet rotates on a slightly tilted axis (as mine does), you have no doubt noticed that there are two times of your year when the weather is getting warmer, or getting cooler, depending on whether the hemisphere you live in is tilting toward your star, or away from your star.
Of course, if you live near the equator of your world, you probably do not notice any significant weather changes.  In that case, never mind.
Otherwise, depending on where you live, you are, like me, experiencing a change in the weather.  Where I am, the weather is cooling down a bit.  Summer is not giving up without a fight, but autumn is inexorably moving in.  The cooler weather is a nice change from summer, though.
In the SPOCS lab, SPOCS version 2.52 is percolating, over on SPARCL14.  I have finally put the event trend chart out of its misery.  There are still two trending data collectors - the original, which still samples every 15 minutes, and the new one, which samples every 5 minutes.
There are also a number of bug fixes.  Some of them address bugs that have been around for a long time.
Oh, yes - the little, gray kitten I mentioned last time.  He is almost tamed (yes, he is most definitely a he), and we have named him Earl Grey.  Like the tea, sort of.  He is growing like the proverbial weed, so he is not so little any more.

Good Night, Ma Wolfe, wherever you are.

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