Sunday, July 17, 2016

SPOCS 2.51 Has Arrived!

That's right, folks, you can now head on over to and download your very own copy of the latest version of SPOCS.
(It is rather late in the evening, and I am getting a bit loopy.  Forgive the loopiness.)
Analog and digital simulation has been added to the SIMulator driver.  Now you can test alarms, trending, etc., without having to attach any actual I/O to the system.
A new module, the Messenger, has been added to take care of emailing and texting.  The Brain module has an interactive mode.  The text box that appears on the Console page allows you to talk with Brain.  At this stage, its conversational abilities are rather limited, but you can probably come up with more things for Brain to do and say.

More Later.

Good Night, Ma Wolfe, wherever you are.

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