Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Great July Fourth to you!

For those who live in the USA, I hope you have a good July Fourth holiday.  It is just crazy we are this far into the summer of 2016 already.
SPOCS 2.51 will be a very interesting release.  I got my simulated signals.  That means that node 14, the SIM node, can now automatically change its bits.  This will be great for testing.
Another feature is the appearance of the Messenger module.  I noticed that the Brain module got bogged down when it was sending texts and e-mails.  I thought of several solutions, but the one that looks best is having a separate module to send texts and/or emails.  This module receives messages via a queue, that works just like the speech and logger modules.  This frees up Brain for more interesting stuff.  Like what...?
Stay tuned.

Good night, Ma Wolfe, wherever you are.

P.S. some certain relatives that live in South Akron need to learn that when you deliberately exclude blood kin from a get-together, you cannot call it a "family" get-together any more.  It is something else - a vendetta, or perhaps a Trump-like expression of immaturity.

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