Sunday, June 5, 2016

...But, Are You??

It appears to me that atheists are trying to grab the coattails of the homosexuality embrace-ment movement, and pull themselves into the - er - acceptance that homosexuals enjoy in this country.
Recently, Penn Jillette had a piece published on the CNN website saying that Atheists should "stand up and be counted".   He seemed sad that atheists did not have an alternate slang term, like "gay" to be called.  But in this era of political (false) correctness, why do we need to resort to slang terms to address a group?  Why don't we call them homosexuals, instead of "gay"?  Is it possible there is something "wrong" with the term homosexual?
I once declared myself an atheist.  It seemed to me, like so many people, that a God could not exist that would allow so many evil things to happen to good people.  What I learned is that if you ask God to leave you alone - he will.  You will then learn how He protects you in your daily life from Satan.  You know him - the god of this world, the evil one, etc.  Hell is an invention of  Mr. Dante Alighieri.  Satan and his bunch live right here - with us, upon this earth.  They take any opportunity to sway your thinking toward evil ways, sometimes under the idea that "no one believes that stuff, anyway".
Now, when I was an atheist, I gave a lot of thought to concepts I took for granted before.  Some of the obvious points were, for example, the motto "In God We Trust" means the same as "In Mickey Mouse We Trust".  That is, it meant nothing to me.  In that case, let the religionists have their fun; it means, literally nothing, I know better than they do.  Same for any terminology that infers that things on the earth were created, instead of having evolved.  I should steer clear of such misnomers; they are not the truth.
Unfortunately, there are many self-proclaimed atheists who are bothered by "In God We Trust", and are offended by references to creation and other stuff that signifies the existence of God.  They think they want "freedom from religion", not realizing it is in their own hands.

My point is, if references to God and creation bother you, could it be that you are not an atheist, after all?
If you are actively working against God, it appears to me that you have joined the other side - the evil side - Satan's side.  Thus, you are not nonreligious, after all.  Just something for all self-proclaimed atheists to think about.
Meanwhile, on the SPOCS side of things, I am not happy with the event trends.  I thought I had cured a funky problem with reading FAP information from our Hughes modem, but it came back.  I am also looking at simulated signals, to be generated by the SIM node, DR10.  They would help in testing event trends.  Hopefully, I will have more news soon on the SPOCS 2.51 release.

Good Night, Ma Wolfe, wherever you are.

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