Sunday, April 3, 2016

The End of Winter? Maybe Not

Wow...the weather was OK last week, but last night, the temperature dropped, and down in my old home town, we had a gross combination of rain, sleet, and snow coming down.  Horrible!  The temperature climbed back up to about 42 degrees F. (5.5 C), and the snow melted off.  I sure hope that was winters' last blast.
As you may have noticed, I got the two logs going on the SPOCS web page.  There are two as of SPOCS version 2.5 - a system log, which keeps track of system events, like restarts and shutdowns.  The Alarm log holds all the activity the Alarm module detects.
I am in the process of breaking the temperature chart apart, into two charts.  I shall have a temperature chart, and a FAP chart.  I am not really happy with the latest version of the Event Chart.  A change there is in order, I think.
Oh, we are at the 130th SPOCS blog post.  Wow.  It's been quite a trip.

Good Night Ma Wolfe, wherever you are.

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