Sunday, January 10, 2016

It's Getting Cold!

This afternoon, the outside temperature, as reported by SPOCS, dropped 16 degrees F. in about three and a half hours.  By now, the temperature has dropped 27 degrees F. in 17 hours!  It is now about 20 degrees F. (-6.6 degrees C).

We all are not looking forward to attending a funeral in the next day or so  This is only partly because of the bad weather.  My dear Mother-In-Law passed away.  I know that the usual cliche` has a man and his Mother-In-Law in a love-hate relationship.  I am proud to say that my Mother-In-Law has been wonderful to me all these years, and I shall certainly miss her.

On the SPOCS front, some new things are going on.  SPARCL12, our main machine, will need a Fedora upgrade before installing the new SPOCS.  L12 is three revisions behind.  So - I created a virtual machine, using VirtualBox.  I then loaded up Fedora version 23.  Tonight I am testing the new SPOCS installation script.  It looks pretty good.  Over the next few days, time permitting, I shall fully test SPOCS on my virtual machine, before taking SPOCS 2.5 on the air over at SPARCL12.  Shortly after that, SPOCS 2.5 shall make its appearance on SourceForge, for all to see.

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