Sunday, January 31, 2016


Yes, Gaaa!  Not Gagh, like the famous Klingon delicacy (no accounting for taste.  Look it up, if you disbelieve me!), but rather a statement of, in this case, frustration (see any number of Dilbert comics).
In this case, a noise of frustration being made my yours truly, while working through final SPOCS 2.50 tests on SPARCL14.  A bug has appeared in the Alarm module.  It will take a little time to figure out.  I was hoping to take SPOCS version 2.5 live this afternoon, but, no dice.  Ah, well.
We are experiencing yet another bit of warm weather here today.  SPARCL12 says we reached about 58 degrees F (14.4 C.) here today.  Mrs Dellroy says things were a few degrees warmer in Cincinnati, where she was visiting our youngest daughter.
Anyway, I shall fix this bug, and test SPOCS 2.5 for another few days.  I shall keep you informed.

To paraphrase the great Jimmy Durante,
Good night, Ma Wolfe, wherever you are.

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