Wednesday, December 16, 2015

This. Is. Why.

Why?  Why you will never, ever see me on any kind of "social media".  Oh, I have my blog, here, where I occasionally rant about things.  Mostly, though, this is about SPOCS.  But me on Facebook?  Nope.  Instagram?  Forget it.  Twitter?  Please.  Pinterest?  Wrongo.  Here is an example of why:

The folks at Woodland, North Carolina are not happy.  "Social media"  has portrayed them as ignorant hicks, even attributed (false) statements to them regarding solar energy.  Why?  The town leaders passed a moratorium on solar farms.  Without checking their facts, the Internet Dicks and Janes ridiculed the town for apparently rejecting solar energy.
The truth?  Woodland already has THREE (count 'em, THREE) solar farms, one nearly completed.  Woodland simply did not want to get boxed in completely by solar farms.  They already have three going up, don't you know?  But don't try to confuse "social media" with the facts.  They are too busy making them up.  Sort of like Mr. T. Rump.  (that's actually Trump, but I like T. Rump, as in Tyrannosaurus Rump, a mythical, very, very, stupid sort of dinosaur.)
"Social media" owes Woodland, North Carolina an apology for their ham-fisted, dim-witted handling of the situation.  I, however, do not expect "social media" to do the right thing.  So, Woodland, North Carolina, I am sorry you were ridiculed.  I am sorry there are so many Internet Dicks and Janes (see the Dilbert comic to meet "Dick from the Internet") have put you down out of sheer, grinding ignorance.  I wish I could say it won't happen again, but as long as stupid people roam the Internet in packs, attacking all who do not agree with them, or appear to be "bad", it probably will happen again.

Things are rather busy right now.  SPARCL14 is ticking away merrily at the Penguin Farm, running SPOCS 2.50.  I think the new SPOCS will go on the air later this month.

Happy holidays to you!

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