Tuesday, November 24, 2015

L14 is Back! Happy Thanksgiving!

I reloaded Fedora on the new L14 hard drive, as well as the various programs I use in development (Bluefish editor, Gambas, etc.).  I also got to try out the new SPOCS installation script.  It's not bad for a first try.  Hopefully it will help folks get SPOCS going more quickly.
My SPOCS release spreadsheet currently has 3 red items (must fix before release), and 3 yellow items (not necessary to fix before release).
It has been an eventful year; that is why I had started teasing about SPOCS 2.50, back in August, and it is not out yet - a lot of other stuff has been going on.  Poor Mrs. Dellroy has been really busy - her parents have moved into assisted living, with all the problems, drama, etc. that accompanies such an event.  Not to mention Mrs. Dellroy's siblings do not seem overly concerned about their parents, nor do they volunteer to help.  Actually, Mrs. Dellroy's remaining sister has been getting better about helping.  And then, there is a certain person, who was married to Mrs. Dellroy's other sister until she died at the end of last year.  It would appear his love for his in-laws was not very substantial - he has visited them exactly ONCE since they moved.
Anyway, things are starting to settle down, at long last.  It may be that SPOCS 2.5 will make its debut in late December.  I am taking some vacation time from my (really great) job during the Christmas and New Year's holidays.  The system is running great on SPARCL14, using real hardware.  We shall see what happens.

In the meantime, for those in the USA, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday!

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