Saturday, October 17, 2015

Poor L14, but Lucky Me!

Poor SPARCL14 (the dev machine) suffered a hard drive failure today.  Fortunately, SPOCS 2.5 is backed up, so no problems restoring things once I get a new hard drive.
The lucky part is, Western Digital tells me that L14's hard drive still has 31 days of warranty on it!  I was able to get an RMA (warranty return) number, and print a shipping label.  Come Monday, I shall box up the poor dead drive, and send it to WD.  In the meantime, I have an order in for a new hard drive, and a new spare power supply.  My spare got used recently when the cooling fan locked up in the power supply in my son's computer.  I bought a couple of new fans, too.  Maybe I can fix the old power supply.
So, for now, SPOCS development has been paused.  I may download a copy of Fedora 22 (L14 was running Fedora 20), and see what surprises are in store.
In the meantime, we have had a few chilly mornings.  No frost yet - but it's coming.
Keep warm.

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