Wednesday, October 7, 2015

And now....Fall!

Or autumn, or autumnal solstice, or whatever.  You get the idea.  The leaves are changing colors, and a chill is in the air.  The cats are not getting fat, though.  And we haven't yet had that first frost, that causes the pine trees to lose their needles all over my roof.  This, of course, is what causes the yearly trek to the roof to clean off the pine needles, and clean out the gutters for the winter.
I have really been working on SPOCS 2.5.  The new alarming system is working great.  The new SIM driver is doing its thing.  That will allow you to see what SPOCS can do without having to hook up actual hardware.  A real, actual, SPOCS manual is in the works, pulling together all those notes I have gathered over the years.
Just now, I found and killed an insidious bug in driver DR1.  It made the node status (when disabled) show up as 'o', instead of 'I' (Inactive), or 'D' (Disabled).  In the Nodes page of the Console, its status would show up as UNKNOWN.  I am working on a more positive way of enabling/disabling nodes, rather than setting the Protocol setting in SPOCS.SET to zero.
Hopefully, SPOCS 2.5 will go on the air for testing soon.  Oh, yes...over on SourceForge is the first take on the SPOCS 2.5 manual.  Take a look!

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