Monday, August 10, 2015

Time to start teasing SPOCS 2.5!

There are going to be a lot of changes in SPOCS, so I decided to skip version numbers 2.3, and 2.4, and go right to 2.5!  Here's the new logo:
 Here's a look at the new console, written entirely in Gambas:
One Great New Feature is the SIMulator driver.  It allows you to play with SPOCS without having to have actual hardware attached.  Here's a screenshot:
The SIM driver can be either an analog device, or a digital device.  That is selected, of course, in the SPOCS.SET file.  At the far right, you can change values or bit states, and watch how SPOCS reacts.  I am thinking of adding the ability to change values on a timed basis, so you can do some really interesting things.  Of course, it will also help me debug the thing!
I am currently deep into debugging the new alarming system.  The new alarm system will give you dates & times when alarms occur, are acknowledged, and reset.  An alarm will remain in the alarm list until it has been acknowledged, even if the alarm condition resets.  This prevents missing alarms.
At last the rain here in Dellroy-land has abated.  For a while, there, it was like monsoon season...rain, rain, and more rain!  Now things have dried out, and it is more summer-like.  The Dellroy-mobile had to take a trip to the mechanic today...the brakes were not working well; turned out to be a blown wheel cyclinder.  Our trusty Dellroy mechanic had it done in one day, and not too expensive, either.  So here's a well-deserved plug:  for automobile mechanical work, if you are ever near Dellroy, Ohio, go to Geisers' garage.  Tell Mike I sent you.
Meanwhile, things are going OK here in Dellroy-land.  More later.

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