Saturday, July 4, 2015


To all my fellow Americans - Happy Independence Day!
To all those inbred, sub-intelligent, trolls that think flying the old Confederate flag is the thing to do ~

It is interesting, when I went to find an image of our current American flag, there were a number of bad imitations - flags that had not-enough stars, flags that had too-many stars, even images where the person was too lazy to put in any stars - they put in an (incorrect) number of blue blocks!  Sigh.
On to other things.  I have been working on the next release of SPOCS.  There are a number of things going into it.  SPARCL14 has been running the newest version of the console, which is now written in GAMBAS.
The new alarming that I have been promising is getting debugged.  The glitch that haunted the DR7 driver (Modbus TCP) has been excised.  Some time has been spent helping Mrs. Dellroy with things that she is working on for her parents.
Until next time...

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