Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Well, the programmer is done...

This summer is going by at a scorching pace.  I look around, and - oh, shoot!  I haven't updated the SPOCS blog in over a month!
Part of that is because I have been working on an EEPROM programmer.  It started out based on a design by a fellow named Mario.  Like him, I based my programmer on an Arduino Uno.  Unlike Mario, I used two parallel, 8 bit latch chips instead of shift registers.  The programmer reads, writes, and erases 2864 and 28256 parallel EEPROMS.  These are what I am using for ROMs on the new QL computer expansion board.  It's USB-based, and you can use most any terminal program to operate it.

 About 20-plus years ago, I built an EPROM programmer.  While it does do 2864 EEPROMS, it does not do the larger ones.  So - I built one.  Now it's on to the QL board, which is partially built.
More Later.

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