Friday, May 1, 2015

The New SPOCS web pages are live!

As of this moment, the old SPOCS pages at, are no longer being updated.
The new pages - at - are now being updated by SPARCL12, which has been running tirelessly for months.

I don't know how long 000webhosting will keep the old page up.  One day, I suspect it will go "poof", and be gone.

In the meantime, SPOCS downloads over on SourceForge have reached the 400 mark.  Now, I realize that a really popular package will get thousands of downloads.  SPOCS, however, is a specialized package, meant for a particular audience.  So I always expected a low turnout. 

To those who have downloaded SPOCS over the years - I hope it was of some use to you.  I hope I get to hear about new uses for SPOCS as they are developed.

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