Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Darn, it was a good run...

We had a big storm in Dellroy-land yesterday.  You probably noticed if you looked at the SPOCS pages.
The great folks at our electric co-op have been doing a lot of tree trimming over the last few years.  Their aim is to reduce power outages due to trees or their branches falling on power lines.  They have made a definite improvement.  But - once in a while, a nasty storm shows up, like the one yesterday.  We lost power at about 6:30 PM, and didn't get it back until about 12:40 AM.

Now what did I mean about the "good run"...?

SPARCL12 had been running for a solid six months.  Not a single hiccup.  But, alas, the UPS that L12 is on is only good for about half an hour, so that good run came to an end.  Ah, well, now we will start again.
Crazy things going on in Dellroy-land these days.  People I once thought were solid citizens turn out to be utterly spazolla.  Hoping for some calm there soon.

More Later.

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