Monday, March 2, 2015

The Third Post of 2015!

You have to admit, it doesn't take much thought to come up with blog headlines like that!  I blame it on the winter doldrums.  You may call it "cabin fever".  Or perhaps, "la fièvre de la cabine", as our French friends (who still hold the high-water mark for most SPOCS downloads) might say.
Be it as it is, it has been cold in Dellroy-land for many days.  We got several more inches of snow last night.  May God bless Jeff the neighbor, who came and dug out our driveway with his tractor.  He does that for several neighbors when it gets snowy outside.
I have heard a number of people wondering where that "global warming" that we have been hearing  'way too much about, is.  Of course, the climate change pundits tell us, "oh, it's actually 'climate change', and 'extreme weather'.  It makes me think of the flying saucer fanatics in the 1950s.  They called the unexplained things they saw in the sky "flying saucers".  Later, those folks got the idea that if they called the things they saw "UFO"s, then they wouldn't seem so crazy.  It seems the "global warming" people are trying a similar tactic, to try and garner a bit more respect.  Good luck, folks.  You are trying to draw conclusions based on a microscopic sample of the earth's weather patterns.  
Meanwhile, in SPOCS-land, things are moving slowly.  There have been a couple of additions to the Penguin farm area of the lab.  Hopefully, I will have another SPOCS release in the next few months.

In the meantime, stay warm, if you can.

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