Saturday, December 6, 2014

Argumentum Ad Populum, indeed!

The case of comedian Bill Cosby illustrates the very worst of  "mob justice".  Even though one, mind you, just one woman, has actually filed suit against Cosby, her case is falling apart as we speak!  It appears this woman, who recently "remembered" being abused by Cosby, actually tried to shake him down for money ten years ago, for the same event!
Supposedly, over a dozen women have "come forward" to allege that they were abused by Cosby.  Ignorant people, like Rosanne Barr, conclude that since there are so many accusers, the accusers must be right.  Really?  Honestly?  Do you mean that there is no chance these people are nothing more than a revenge-seeking, gold-digging bunch of shrews?  If I come up with a dozen people who think you are a jerk, Mrs. Barr, then by your own logic, you must be a jerk.  (P.S. I know more than a dozen people who think you are a jerk.)
This is a most over-the-top example of "it's on the media, so it must be true"! Apparently, humanity is well on the path to "Idiocracy"...a society whose members are incredibly stupid.
Since the U.S. Navy took back their honorary NCO appointment from Cosby, it seems the Navy is much further down the path toward Idiocracy than most of us.  Remind me to never accept any sort of honorary title from the US Navy.  Need less to say, I thought it was quite stupid of the Navy to dishonor Cosby that way.

Oh, yes..."argumentum ad populum" ..."if many believe it, it is so".  Are we really THAT stupid?

Things are rather slow, here in SPOCS-land.  What with the holidays coming up, and all kinds of stuff going on, I haven't had a lot of time to work on the new version of SPOCS.  The new alarming system is coming along, though, and I think we've got DR7 close to complete.  I plan to test DR7 on an Automation Direct Click PLC soon.

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