Sunday, December 14, 2014


Sometimes I am ashamed to be part of the human race.
This is one of those times.  I do not understand why "protesters" want to march for "justice" when their "heroes" were completely and utterly wrong?

Case 1: a man attacks a policeman, tries to take his gun.  The man gets killed.  Yet, the policeman gets harassed, has to leave his job, and go into hiding.  "Protesters" run wild, tearing apart the policeman's home town.  If the man had simply NOT attacked the policeman, he would still be alive today.
This is "justice" for whom....?

case 2: a man will not obey police orders, even when he has four policemen holding him down, repeatedly yelling "DO NOT RESIST".  The man continues to resist, apparently strangling himself in the process.  "Protesters" march on many cities, they block highways, seeking "justice"!?
Why didn't the man simply stop resisting?  He would still be alive today!

case 3: Police receive a report of a young man apparently brandishing a gun in public.  The police approach the young man, order him to "show me your hands".  Instead of raising his hands, the kid reaches DOWN, for his realistic looking toy gun.  He gets killed by police.  Why wasn't the boy taught to respect and obey authority?
If he had obeyed the police, he would still be alive today!

I also must plant a huge SHAME ON YOU on the media, most of whom have failed to accurately report these events.
To the rest, I must ask if beating up on local police departments is going to make things better for all of us, in the long run.  If a policeman has to hesitate before helping you, as you are being attacked, because he/she must make absolutely sure their body camera is running, and they are doing everything positively "by the book", if this results in you getting maimed or killed,  then what has been accomplished?  Real killers come in all ages and races.  Real killers DO NOT hesitate, and so the police cannot hesitate, either.  As true law-abiding citizens, we cannot hesitate to obey law enforcement authorities.  That way, they will know we are not the bad guys.
What is so difficult to understand about this??  This is NOT a "race" issue.  (Go home, Jackson and Sharpton, stop stirring up trouble!)
I wanted to have a separate post to address this stuff, which seems to indicate the human race is going utterly crazy.  If this madness keeps up, the police will be as useful as those in the movie "Demolition Man".  In other words, the police won't hurt anyone, but they'll be completely useless against a real killer - like Wesley Snipes.  Watch the movie, you will see what I mean.
All those who are "protesting" - is this what you want?  Seriously??

We will get back to SPOCS stuff after I leave the TV off for a while - maybe a couple of years or so.

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