Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Happy Thanksgiving Day to you!

We spent a very nice, quiet day at home.  Mrs. Dellroy has been fighting a sinus infection, and she didn't feel well, so we stayed home.  We all had a nice dinner, watched the Macy's parade, and then the dog show.  I think the dog show is almost as much fun to watch as the parade!
It looks like I finally killed that nasty DR7 bug.  I made the same change on L12 (the penguin who is online) and on dev machine L14.  They have both been running steadily for the last few weeks with no DR7 problems.
The next incarnation of SPOCS will use sub-folders for the log and trend files.  This will keep the SPOCS folder clean.
The new alarming system is coming along.  I managed to fix a strange problem that appeared on L12:  when Brain would text me, the message would be blank!  It would say it was from SPOCS, but after that...nothing.
Seems I had to reformat the system() call to Mutt, so it would work correctly.

Anyway, for those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving (and even those who don't!) Hope you had a good one.

More later.

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