Wednesday, October 22, 2014

...And Here's Autumn!

It never fails.  I do a blog post, meaning to get back in a week or so, and the next time I look around, a month has passed!
There is a LOT going on in Dellroy-land these days.  We are all busy doing our thing here, whether it be teaching, engineering, working, or hanging out.
SPARCL14 has been ticking along with the new-and-improved version of SPOCS.  It tracks our HughesNet FAP limit in a different way than L12 is using.  It is more accurate and informative.  The Brain module is getting some rework, so when it sends a text or email, it doesn't stop until Mutt is done.
DR7 (the Modbus TCP module) still has an occasional crash, but we're working on it.  Lots of other improvements are in the pipeline, too.  Oh, and the new console, written in Gambas, is almost done.

Keep warm, and stop by again soon!

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