Sunday, September 7, 2014

The 100th post!

Wow, this is rather amazing. 
You just putter along, and one day, you see there have been 99 posts.  Ho-kay, what do we do now?  I thought some kind of observance would be appropriate, so...

I dedicate this, the SPOCS 100th blog post, to the great American actress, Lauren Bacall.
I feel very strongly that she and James Garner did not get the attention their careers deserved when they passed away.

One person who got gobs of attention - Robin Williams - had the shortest career of the group of four I thought were most significant.  His career spanned a measly 37 years - compared to Bacard's 70, Garner's 58, and Joan River's 49. 

Rivers was #3 in terms of career length, but, being a comedienne (a term the media seemed to forget when speaking of Rivers) she didn't have much of a film career.   Garners' and Bacalls'  lists of appearances are quite long.

I don't mean to take anything away from Williams and Rivers, but it seems Bacall and Garner deserved similar tributes to what Williams and Rivers received. 

Meanwhile, back in SPOCS-land, things are proceeding slowly.  There is still a bug in DR7 (Modbus TCP driver).  I have fixed a few incorrect chunks of code, but DR7 still goes offline, very briefly, about once a day.  New trending and alarming are coming along; hopefully we will have another SPOCS release in the fall. 

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