Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Once Again

Wow, it's been a month since my last post!  L14 got straightened out...I had to boot into rescue mode, and re-run EasyLife.  The latest NVidia video driver was not right for the board I put into L14.  I dropped back to the second-latest, and all is well.
We are preparing to install air conditioning here at the ranch.  The equipment should be here soon, and a friend who is experienced at HVAC work is doing the install.  Not a moment too soon!  The weather here in Dellroy-land has been hot and humid.
The latest SPOCS project is getting UDEV to create symlinks that always point to the same USB to serial dongle.  There are a number of articles on the 'net about how to do it, but no joy so far.  UDEV has this disturbing tendency to sometimes change IDs when two or more USB to serial dongles are plugged in.  What you thought was ttyUSB0 is now ttyUSB1, etc.  Since L14 has no built-in serial ports, it relies on USB to serial dongles.  I have seen this happen on several occasions.  It can be quite aggravating.
After I get that nailed down, it will be time to finish the new console.  GAMBAS, as I may have mentioned, is great!
More Later.

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