Monday, June 23, 2014

It's Hot! It's Muggy! Who Cares!?

Our new heat pump system has been running for not-quite 24 hours now.  Last night, it was rather cool outside, so the heat pump didn't do much about the temperature.  BUT - it did start reducing the humidity from hour one.  By bed time, the air was quite comfortable.  It was really nice to come home from work to a cool, dry house.  I have a friend who used to do heating & air conditioning for a living.  He still does a few systems a year, and gave us a good deal on our system.  Now, I need to take the information he gave me, and tie the new system into SPOCS.
In the meantime, L14 is running well, since I got the USB serial dongle issue straightened out.  There are a few issues I am working on for the next SPOCS release.  The new, GAMBAS-based console is almost done.

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