Sunday, June 8, 2014

Gist.Github rules!

The subject of the Linux UDEV subsystem is covered in many, many places on the net.  UDEV is the event-based system that does things, like detecting a new device, and determining what to do with it.
Unfortunately, most of the articles I saw on the web are NOT COMPLETE!  Some had this part, some had that part.  Do I use this with that, or that with the other thing?  The Gist.Github article was the ONE and ONLY place on the Internet that I have seen, that had the whole, entire, complete story.  For example, after writing your new UDEV rules, you need to make UDEV reload all rules, AND cause a trigger to make UDEV evaluate them.  Most articles and posts would mention triggering UDEV, and a few mentioned reloading the rules, but nobody, except the GitHub article, told me you had to do both!  GAAAA.
Anyway, I wrote a pair of UDEV rules to get past the problem of UDEV sometimes swapping USB serial ports.  I created a pair of symlinks pointing to the USB ports the USB dongles are plugged into.  So far, L14 has been running great for nearly three days.
Now I can move on to other SPOCS features.

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