Thursday, April 10, 2014

SourceForge is great!

Really, SourceForge is a great place to host your project.  It has great facilities for many people working on a project from different locations.  It has version control.  It is a great place to make your project accessible to many other folks who might like it.
I am saying all of this because I got into a bit of a kerfuffel when I uploaded SPOCS 2.2.  The download buttons on the site are supposed to change, and let site visitors quickly download the latest version of your project.  For several days after I uploaded SPOCS 2.2, the download buttons on SourceForge still were pointed toward version 2.0.
Finally, after exchanging emails with the SF folks (who answered my questions quickly and kindly.  Thanks, guys!) I finally figured out how to get my download buttons to point to SPOCS 2.2, so my users wouldn't have to search for the latest version.
Once again, I am looking at a new solution for the Console.  The present one is written in RealStudio.  My copy is on SPARCL12, which is now the main online SPOCS machine.  I can't transfer the license to L14, because L14 is a dual-core machine, running a 64 bit version of Fedora 20.  The Real company has renamed itself, and dropped all support for RealStudio.  If I want to use their new product, Xojo, I need to pony up some more money to update my RealStudio license.
So, I am getting L14 set up as the dev machine, so I can work on the SPOCS 2.3 wish list.  So far, SPOCS 2.2 is humming along great on L12.
More later.

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