Monday, March 24, 2014

Settled down, once again

This past weekend was busy in SPOCS-land.  First, it was necessary to move SPARCL12 from the right-most slot to the empty left-most slot.  This made it easy to change over the serial network wiring from L10.  Then it was time to swap over the wiring, after shutting L10 down.  I use the PC power supply to power the temperature board, and the RS-232 to RS-485 converter for the main serial network.
Then it was time to bring up L12, check my communication setup (I had to change the temperature board over to a USB to serial dongle).  Then I ran through the console and local web pages, to make sure L12 was updating all right.  THEN, I had to make sure the FTP setup was good, so that L12's web pages got copied to our web host.  Lastly, I had to make changes to the online main web page, to account for the change in computer, and add the event trend page.  I'm not sure I am happy with the event trends.  I may go back to a fast timed trend (say, twice a minute).
So, tonight, I asked Mrs. Dellroy if she wanted a minor honor (Hey, I realize that SPOCS is really only important to me!).  She accepted, especially since it was an artsy sort of endeavor.  I wanted something different for SPARCL14's nameplate.  Here it is:
I think Mrs. Dellroy did great, don't you?
It is an improvement on my freehand chicken scratchings.
Over the weekend, I installed a LED light strip under the edge of the Penguin Farm's counter.  It makes working on the penguins a lot easier.
Snug in their rack.  Left to right: SPARCL12, L10, L11, and L14.
Now all I have to do is get my favorite free and Open Source software packages installed on L12, then we shall consider post-release changes to SPOCS 2.2.

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