Sunday, March 23, 2014

Presenting...SPOCS 2.2!

SPOCS 2.2 went live this afternoon.  The software was the least of my problems.  There were a couple of hardware issues, having to do with RS-485 and RS-232 communications.  But that is all done with, now, and SPOCS is running on SPARCL12.
Poor old SPARCL10 has been relegated to cold backup duty for now.  Its CPU fan was REALLY noisy.  I didn't realize how bad it was, until I shut SPARCL10 down.
AND...the mystery feature I have been hinting at: Event-based trends!  I added a second trend module to pick up event-based data, and added another chart.  They're all up on the SPOCS online pages (see left sidebar).
All of the communication drivers are now separate modules, so adding more protocols will not be too difficult.
SPARCL12 moved into the left-most slot in the Penguin Farm.  The new development machine, SPARCL14, will go into the far-right slot. 
I think a celebration is in order.  Then I need to update my online documentation on SPOCS.

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