Saturday, March 8, 2014

About the number thirteen...

Now, I am not superstitious.  I often note when the full moon is, but not because of any arcane tales about it.  I have some friends that work in hospital emergency rooms that insist that they get more patients on a full moon.  Scientists claim there is no correlation, but real-world experience seems to indicate the full moon puts some folks a bit off-edge, so to speak.  I do not suffer from triskadekaphobia (fear of the number 13), but I do remember what happened to the spacecraft Apollo 13. (for those who don't remember, there was an explosion in the service module.  The craft barely made it back to Earth safely.)
More than anything else, I am aggravated.  SPARCL13 is having a difficult birth.  This particular mainboard does not seem to want to boot Fedora Linux.  It is not a UEFI (Secure Boot BIOS) issue.  Something happens as Anaconda is bringing up the desktop to do the install.  SPARCL13 is intended to be the new development machine in the Penguin Farm.  That way, L12 can go online with SPOCS 2.2, and L10 can be a cold backup, until its mainboard gets replaced.  Gaa.
The new SPOCS module works great.  I can't wait to see it working with real I/O.  Exactly what it is is still a secret. 
I found the Brain problem.  As a matter of practice, you always terminate strings with a zero in the C language.  It seems I had some unterminated strings that were being concatenated into a string for the SYSTEM() calls.  Although it appeared everything was working OK, the C compiler was getting the idea we had not one big string, but two or three strings in the command being fed to the Bash shell.  It caused some strange effects.  They are all gone now, so as soon as I get L13 launched, SPOCS 2.2 will go live, and get released on SourceForge.

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