Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's 40 degrees F.! It's WARM!!

Compared to the nose-freezing, sub-zero temperatures we have been having, anyway.  Our two outside cats have been spending much of their time indoors.  They seem to appreciate being in the warm.  I have to join the many folks who have been cursing that ground hog, for bringing us the extra six weeks of winter!

Meanwhile, back in the Penguin Farm, SPOCS 2.2 is running pretty well...for the most part.

The Brain module has come down with a really weird problem.  It has to do with a call to SYSTEM().
In the C language library, this is how we execute commands as if we were at the command line.  SPOCS uses this call to execute Mutt, our mail program.  Mutt is one of the few mail clients that works from both its own user interface, and from the command line.  Others claim to work from the command line, but there are limitations.  In my opinion, Mutt works the best in both situations, which helps with setup and testing.
Anyway, I am working on that little problem. 

The only other thing is the new module for SPOCS.  It will add new functionality to the system.  More on this later.

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