Friday, January 24, 2014

It's STILL cold!

In my last post, I was saying the temperature was 12 degrees F. at 1 P.M.  Well...yesterday, it was noon when the temperature finally timidly crept up to...ZERO!  The weatherheads say we will get a little respite this weekend: temperatures in the 20s.  Then, back into the freezer!
I got L12 to start sending e-mails and texts using Mutt from the command line.  You have to pay attention to the Muttrc configuration file to get it to work.  There will be a setup sheet included with SPOCS 2.2.
Now if I could get L10 to work with Mutt.
My list of bugs for SPOCS 2.2 is getting short.  There are a couple issues I want to get nailed down before I take it live.  After that, it may be upgrade time again.  Currently, SPARCL9 (test machine for Fedora 20)and L10 (current SPOCS online) are running AMD Duron single core machines.  SPARCL11 (server) and L12 (development) are on dual core computers.  With all the additions to SPOCS, I am now seeing the performance gap between L9/L10 and L11/L12.  I originally upgraded L12 because RealStudio tends to be a resource hog...the faster CPU and more memory helped.
Stay warm...if you can!

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