Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

Unless, of course, you are Chinese, in that case, I hope your new year will be happy, when the Year of the Horse (馬 Mǎ ) comes, at the end of our month of January.
I downloaded a copy of Fedora version 20 yesterday.  Fedora has been going along for ten years now, that is something.  The reviews I saw on the 'net were mostly favorable.  Most are calling Fedora 20 "bleeding edge" technology.  I fired up SPARCL9 - it had been serving as the cold backup for L10, when SPOCS version 2.0 went live - and loaded the live CD.  It came up pretty quickly.  I chose the XFCE spin, because I strongly feel KDE and Gnome have improved themselves to death.  Besides, all I need to run SPOCS is a small, light desktop.  The only drawback is, I end up having to load some things I need to get the OS to do what I want.  I miss downloading the DVD that had everything on it, and I could choose what I wanted to install from that.  Oh, well.
So far, it's going OK.  There don't seem to be too many kinks to F20.  Most of the tricks I used to set up F15  still work.  I'll have more on that pretty soon.

In the meantime, stay warm, if you can.  Our temperatures here are about 12 degrees F - and it's 1 P.M.!

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