Friday, December 27, 2013

Hope you had a Merry Christmas

...For those of you who celebrate it.  Ours was good.  The usual gift-giving, family time, etc., etc.  Mrs. Dellroy did her best to liven up the season by diving down the stairs!  Actually, she slipped, and fell.  As near as we can tell, she must have done a somersault, because she had bruises on her head, right shoulder, and leg.  She got checked out by the local emergency room, and, thankfully, nothing got broken.  Just bruised, and her back hurt.  It's better now.
Meanwhile, the nasty bugs that were plaguing SPOCS have been swatted.  I am working on some final touch-ups, and maybe testing SPOCS on Fedora version 20, which recently came out.  SPOCS is running solid, day-in and day-out, so we are nearly ready for the version 2.2 release.
I shall have to re-do a bunch of the documentation, since the roles of the drivers and the scanner have changed.

Oh, yes - the new version of AmCharts (3.10) is live on the SPOCS pages.  It is under the "New Chart" button.  This version does not depend on flash, but rather, uses HTML 5.0 features.  It looks good on a computer, Android phone, and even an Apple phone.  The new chart will soon replace the old one.  Good job, AmCharts team!

More Later.

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