Wednesday, December 4, 2013

...And the temperature is back to 50 degrees F.!

We had a bit of a warm-up this week, but it is supposed to go back to chilly temperatures tomorrow.  Oh, well.  It is December, anyway.

Here is SPOCS-land, I am testing version 3.10 of amCharts.  That is the package SPOCS uses for showing temperatures on web pages.  The new version no longer uses Flash.  It uses Java Script and HTML 5 to produce outstanding charts.  I am hoping this will allow SPOCS temperature charts to appear on mobile devices.  So far, it has run well in the lab on dev machine SPARCL12.  Last night, I installed it on my main SPOCS machine, SPARCL10.  If it does well there, I will bring it up to the online pages.

DR7 has come down with a bug.  It crashed last night, and will not restart.  Hmmm.  I shall investigate soon.

More Later.

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