Sunday, December 15, 2013

About TSOML...

My fellow Gordon Lightfoot folks like to refer to song titles by their first letters, E.G. "IYCRMM" being If You Could Read My Mind.  In this case, it is a show title, namely The Sound of Music Live.
Carrie Underwood, in our opinion, did a great job.  I have seen a lot of reviews that state, either directly or indirectly, that Carrie Underwood is "no Julie Andrews".  I suppose it is a logical comparison, except for a very succinct observation that Mrs. Dellroy made:

"this generation has failed to produce another Julie Andrews.  Carrie Underwood is the best we've got."

Mrs. Dellroy is quite correct, of course.  Especially when you think about what this generation has given us.  Or more correctly, has not given us.  There are very few actors or singers out there now who could fill the shoes of the greats of the last generation.  It is sad, but true.

Meantime, in SPOCS-land, the version 2.2 system, is showing a couple of bugs.  These are tough little sunofaguns that will take a bit of effort to track down.  The new system is running on actual hardware, though, and for the most part, is doing OK.  I still think we will have a new version release in early 2014.

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