Tuesday, November 5, 2013

With November comes...an Epiphany

Yes, indeed.  I was under the impression that one had to write serial communications over a USB dongle using FTDI, etc. function calls.  After all, when I tried connecting the Optomux (DR1) driver over a USB to serial dongle, communications were glitchy.
Well, after getting the first three all-new serial drivers to work, I connected them through USB to serial dongles.  Lo and behold, DR2 (temp) and DR3 (Modbus) worked great.  Only DR1 (Optomux) was hiccuping.
Some examination of the code showed that DR1 had some rather unique code in it, that caused the hiccuping.  I changed the code to be more like DR2, and now all three drivers work over a USB dongle.

So now, I am working on DR7.  I am leaving DR4-6 empty for now, in case I need more serial drivers for other protocols.  DR7 is Modbus TCP - Modbus over Ethernet.  I am getting the TCP socket code going, I just need to get the write/read stuff to work in a polling sort of environment, which SPOCS is.
It's getting nippy in Dellroy-land!  Just ask Mrs. Dellroy!

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