Sunday, November 24, 2013

Twenty-Three F./ Minus Five C. - and dropping!

We are having the coldest weather so far this winter in Dellroy-land.  The weather service says more cold is on the way.  The outdoor cats are getting chubby, and the ground is freezing
In SPOCS-land, the DR7 (Modbus TCP) driver is up and running.  I have it talking to an old Integ JNIOR I/O unit.  No errors in a week!  I am looking at other possible protocols.
In the meantime, I am updating the HTML generator to use HTML5 tags, such as <canvas>.  This will make generating the animated picture of the Dellroy mansion a lot easier.  It's a rewrite, but in the long run, it will be better.  I have begun the SPOCS 2.3 release checklist.  We may have a new release early in 2014, if we keep on going at the current rate.
For those in the USA, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving holiday next week.

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