Sunday, October 20, 2013

We have returned!

The trip started out with me going to the West coast for some education on a particular brand of robot.  There was a three-day programming class, and a two-day machine vision class.  My employer was generously paying for my plane fare, hotel room, rental car, and food while there.  Our very nice office lady suggested that Mrs. Dellroy might want to go along - and at that point, the whole thing took on a life of its own!
Mrs Dellroy was delighted at the idea of going to the L.A. area for a week.  She hadn't flown before, so that was a first.  She liked it.  She found a number of great things to do while we were there.  She took tours (during the day), she even went up for a taping of The Price is Right.  She didn't get called up on stage, but she says she will be on camera.  The episode will air next January 16.
She also booked us at a pirate-themed dinner theater.  It was great.  The center of the theater was, of course, the pirate ship.  The show included fog, fight scenes, pirates swinging high overhead from ropes, even audience participation, cheering for our sections' very own pirate.  It was a fun evening.
Overall, a very good trip.  I learned a lot about robot systems we anticipate using, and Mrs. Dellroy & I had a good time.  We were a bit sad to see it come to a close.
meanwhile, back in SPOCS-land, I finally got another temperature board.  The first thing I learned was, driver DR2 is buggy.  Oh, well, we'll get it going, pretty soon.  More later.  

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