Thursday, October 24, 2013


No, no, that is not Frankenstein's monster running amok around the countryside.  It's just me, stomping out bugs in SPOCS version 2.2.
The new DR1 driver (Optomux, RS-232/485) is working great.  The new DR2 driver (temperature, RS-232) had a couple bugs, but it is now well.  DR3 (Modbus serial, RS-232/485) is running, but has a bug or two remaining.  The semaphore system that allows DR1 and DR3 to share the same RS-485 network is working very well.  I also added two more serial ports to the development machine, to make work easier.  I used the Ultra two-port board, sold by Tiger Direct.  It goes for less than $10, but DO NOT use the installer that comes with it.  Go to the Ultra website, and get the newer one.  It works like the proverbial charm.
After I get DR3 debugged, it will be time to work with the USB to serial drivers.  I am looking forward to that.

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