Saturday, September 7, 2013

It's Still Flying!

Time, that is.  Ah, well.  We all had a great gathering at my fathers' place a week or so ago.  We had some long-lost folks show up that we all hadn't seen in some time.  It was great to see these cousins put in an appearance, and sure hope they come to the next gathering.

It was also great to be without certain useless, self-righteous, greedy individuals.  It is very sad these folks choose a life of using others, then callously discarding them when there is no more to take.  We will give no more time to them today.

As I was saying, time has been flying past us.  Here is SPOCS-land, I made a prediction when I moved on to developing the new DR2 driver.  I predicted there would be things I would discover in DR2 that would have to be put into the DR1 driver.  Sure enough, I hadn't considered that I would need a semaphore system, to regulate access to communications ports that certain drivers would be sharing.  Most notably, the Optomux (DR1) and Modbus (DR3) drivers.  The TEMP driver is an end-to-end driver, meant for RS-232, not the multi drop RS-485 that Optomux and Modbus serial use.
And, of course, there were the silly programming problems, that, for example, caused DR1 to wrongly declare node 10 was online, when in fact, node 10 does not exist on the test network.  At least, not yet.  I also have another Modbus device to attach to the test network, so I can test DR3, when it arrives.  After that, we begin working with FTDI calls, for the USB to serial dongles.

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