Sunday, September 29, 2013

And so it's Autumn!

...And with Autumn has come the very nice weather.  Also, the joy of having both of our major league baseball teams in the playoffs.  Both the Indians, and the Reds have made it into the playoffs, hope they both do well.
I am recovering from a small blunder in SPOCS-land.  The temperature sensing board I use comes from, they are located in Canada.  However, I forgot, when I went to order a spare board - also to test DR2 - that there is a polled version, and a non-polled version.  It took me a couple of days of knocking my head against the wall before I finally saw my error.  The two boards are built very much alike.  The main difference seems to be the firmware in the micro controller chip.  (the controller polls up to four Dallas Semiconductor temperature sensor chips)
I have written to them, asking if the boards are nearly identical, and can I please buy the right micro controller?  We'll see.
I also bought a couple of PCI-based serial port cards.  One of them will go into SPARCL12, to make testing the serial drivers easier.  I plan to wrap up development on the straight serial drivers soon, then get into the USB drivers.
GO TRIBE!  GO REDS!  GO BROWNS!  (Hey, I cheer for all the local teams!)

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