Monday, August 19, 2013

One down...and a clean yard.

Okay, what the heck does a clean yard have to do with SPOCS!?  Well, it IS the SPOCS, Etc. blog.  You never know what may pop up here.  The yard story is not too involved.  I bought a twin bagger for my lawn tractor last week.  Unfortunately, my mower deck could not consistently blow the clippings up into the bag.  Hmm.  My mower blades were 5+ years old, and when I looked at them, were quite used-looking.  So - let's try a new set of blades.  Saturday, I put them on, went out into the rather large yard, and...ten minutes later, the chute to the bagger was stuffed full of grass, nothing going into the bags.  GAAAAA!  (Yes, I read Dilbert)  Enough of this.  A quick spin around the 'net...a quick determination that I could have a lawn sweeper for less than $300...a quick trip to my friendly Canton Home Depot...An hour or so assembling...and then, an hour or so later...a nice, clean, grass-free lawn!  Anybody want a lightly used Cub Cadet twin bagger?  I'll sell it fairly cheap!  I am going to have Mrs. Dellroy put it on Craigs List; it'll make somebody a good deal.
One down...oh, yes.  The new program SPS_DR1 is fully debugged, and works great.  This is the serial Optomux driver.  SPS_DR2, the new Temperature driver, is underway.

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