Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

For those who live in the USA. a very happy July Fourth.  For us it means a couple of extra days off work, and getting together with family and friends.  I myself am quietly celebrating the lack of artillery practice in our front yard this year.
On the SPOCS front, I am working on the next generation of communications.  This involves, as I mentioned before, using USB to serial devices for communications.  Most of our I/O is serial-based, so the emphasis has been on serial communications.  Eventually, I plan to add Ethernet communications, as well.
The changes are resulting in a major rewrite of the communication system.  I have pulled the various elements into a structure - the communication buffers, the ports, the port names, and a (new) port type.
Oh, yes...I have changed Brain's emailing and texting over to Mutt.  Mutt is a very well-behaved mail program that can be used interactively, or from the command line.  It works great for SPOCS.
Now, if the rain would hold up for a couple days, so I could mow the yard...

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