Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Blast of Heat!

Wow, this past week has very hot and humid.  No problems here in the lab...thanks to good air circulation plus a good dehumidifier.  Also some air conditioning.
The lawn tractor broke last week.  One of the pulleys on the mower deck (there are three) self-destructed.  Very odd, especially after I got a look at the new pulley, and saw it is not made the same way.  Hmm.  But it works, and I was able to cut down the patch of foot-high grass that was left over when the mower deck broke down.
The SPOCS work is continuing...I am reworking the scanner, and (for now) reworking the DR1(Optomux) driver.  All other drivers will be patterned from the new DR1 driver.  More later.

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