Saturday, June 15, 2013

Being busy

Being busy in the real world has kept me out of SPOCS-land lately.  In the meantime, though, I worked on finding a new method of sending e-mails from SPOCS.  Sendmail is a (usually) built-in program in most distributions of Linux.  It has a problem, insists on using your computer name for the sent-from address.  Unfortunately, I have not bought any domains, so my machines have names that are definitely not Internet-qualified.
Right now, I am looking at Mutt, another Linux mail program.  You can call it from a Bash script, or a Cron script.  You can include files.  It looks like what I'm looking for.  Stay tuned.
Oh, and I sure hope Mr Dennis Ritchie forgives me for the late tribute.  He died a week after Apples' Steve Jobs died, and got very little recognition, even though he actually invented and innovated so much more than Jobs ever did.

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