Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tweaking and Saving and Tweaking Again

That's about the size of it.  The SPOCS console can now change the SPOCS database on the fly, plus it can now save a copy of the database in a text file in the same format as SPOCS.SET.  Actually, I am running tests on the GUI console, to make sure it works all right.  Then we will dig into SPOCS's behaviour regarding changes to the database...especially to node communication setups.  The new console will get released with SPOCS version 2.2, because of the additions to the console & SPOCS, specifically, the ability to display communication port status.  Still don't understand the USB problem on the Dev machine.  It seems like hardware, but this used to be my main desktop machine, and I never had any problems then.  Fortunately, Linux enjoys a large, active community, so I know if I look enough, I will find the problem.

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